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Attn: Correspondence to Counsel/Parties: Calendly Scheduling Issue(s)

25 Aug 2023 9:29 AM | Anonymous

On behalf of Regional Senior Justice L. Ricchetti:

Please see the attached correspondence that was released to parties’/counsels’ attention, in regards to Calendly Scheduling Issues due to improper Conduct and Directions not being followed.

Calendly Scheduling Issues due to Improper Conduct and lack of followed Directions - AUGUST 21 2023_signedLR_encl. RINALDI.pdf


Any/all future documents meant for filing are to be done properly by filing through the Administrative Office and uploading to CaseLines.
: CaseLines does not replace online filing systems currently in place, such as the Ministry’s Justice Service Online (JSO). It is the responsibility of counsel and parties to upload material into CaseLines after it has been accepted and filed by the court.

If you require assistance please see one of the following resources noted on the Ontario Superior Court of Justice website:
~ For Forms/Rules:
~ For CaseLines – Guide to Requirements:
~ For Quick Tips in CaseLines for Counsel and Self-Represented individuals:
; or contact the appropriate Administrative Office – for more information:
No documents will be accepeted by the Regional Senior Justice Office, unless directed.


NOTE: Effective May 01, 2023 the following Central West Region: Notice to the Profession and Parties stands -

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