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The Halton County Law Association (HCLA) was incorporated in 1951. The organization meeting of the Halton County Law Association was held in the Court House in Milton and was chaired by Magistrate Kenneth M. Langdon. Prior to the organization meeting, all the members of the legal profession in Halton as listed in the Canada List were contacted and there was 100% representation at the organization meeting. E.H. Cleaver, K.C. of Burlington was appointed the first president.

The HCLA is a non-profit corporation with the purpose of administering the facilities of the Association including the Law Library, Barrister Lounge and Robing Rooms and generally of promoting the social, professional and economic interests of the Association and its members.

The HCLA’s Law Library is a well-run facility operated by an experienced full-time law librarian and contains an extensive collection of books, reports, journals, and Canadian and Ontario legislation, as well as internet access to the most up to date legal research providers.

The HCLA continually endeavours to encourage, develop and manage programs for the professional education of its members. The HCLA’s Law Library is a private library for use by its members and members of the Law Society of Ontario.

The Law Library staff cannot provide legal advice or research assistance to the public. For information on finding legal help in Ontario please try the Bora Laskin Law Library site. The HCLA’s Web site contains no legal advice. It is made available for general information only to assist members of The Halton County Law Association.

Please send any comments and suggestions to our Law Librarians at

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