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Milton Courthouse Update: brief update and reminder from our local Bench

7 Nov 2022 10:16 AM | Anonymous
We have received multiple emails from members over the past few months expressing concern about continued delay in the Court's ability to respond to outstanding matters, particularly basket motions and requests for uncontested Orders for divorce. 

By way of update, we are advised that our local Bench have been making concerted efforts to specifically deal with the backlog of matters that accumulated as a result of the pandemic. Their significant efforts were able to reduce the backlog to about 200 outstanding matters as at the end of September. 

Court Services further advised that they are current in terms of processing files, so counsel should also find the turnaround time in terms of forwarding Orders and Endorsements to be improved.  

We have also received multiple emails from members about concerns regarding the on-line filing of documents, including unwarranted rejection of materials or other issues with filing of documents, despite following the required Rules and Practice Directions. We are advised by Court Services that some of these issues may have been due to recent staffing changes in the courthouse, which issues should have now been resolved internally.

If you are still experiencing an unusual delay in response to materials filed in writing and/or if you are experiencing concerns with filing documents, please reach out to the Association and we can help you follow up on a matter and/or connect you with Court staff as appropriate.

As a final update, we are further advised that schools are once again being permitted to enter the courthouse.

Two other brief reminders from our local Bench:

1) Please ensure that the email addresses for parties/counsel (as appropriate) are correctly listed on the required court materials and that when attending an appearance you ensure that you provide the registrar with your email address as requested;

2) Please ensure that all correspondence with judicial secretaries remains respective and limited to communication and/or filing of documents that have been specifically directed by the Court. Absent a specific direction of the Court, it is not appropriate to attempt to file documents or otherwise provide information to the Court through the judicial secretaries.  

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation, 

Melissa Fedsin
President, Halton County Law Association

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